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Southwest Auto Towing LLC

When our towing company was started in 2007 in Farmington, NM, we started with one old truck and a few accounts. Since then, through hard work and honest business practices, we have grown steadily to our fleet of 9 trucks, 5 trailers and service trucks. Our goal is customer satisfaction by providing good service. Fast response in Farmington 24 / 7 jump start, gas delivery, tire change, lock outs, flat beds, fifth wheels, tractors, boats, buses, rv's, trailers, dealership, and heavy equipment transportation.

4420 Bloomfield Hwy, Farmington, NM 87401




They showed up on time and the representative was very professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you.

Thank you all for your prompt Profesional service. I broke down by Colorado state line on LA Plata Hwy. Your guy was there as quickly as it took to get there!!! 100.00$ bucks was more than fair back to Farmington. Considering your competition wanted 150.00$ which I thought was very pricy!!! I recommend Southwest towing to any body!!! Again.... THANK YOU!!!
Lester JR DeWitt
Thank you all for your prompt, professional service! On our Christmas vacation we were struck by a boulder flying out of the mountains outside of Dulce. Our truck was totaled. Thank goodness we came out without a bruise, except mentally and spiritually
Kelly Baker Cave

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